Maja Bruździak Notariusz Warszawa Centrum Maja Bruździak started her notary’s legal training in 2007. In September 2010 she was appointed the junior notary [asesor notarialny] and in January 2013 she received a nomination for the notary. At present in our Notary’s Office the safety of your interests is guaranteed by the notary Maja Bruździak, junior notaries, assistants as well as our secretarial staff.


Our offices are located conveniently in the city center of Warsaw, at Aleje Jerozolimskie 53 office no 3D – approximately 250 meters from the junction of Marszałkowska and Aleje Jerozolimskie streets. Thanks to this location it is very easy to access our Office both for persons driving a car (there are plenty of parking places in the area) as well as for people using public transportation.

If you are using public transportation, in the close vicinity of the Office there are: metro station (Centrum) as well as bus stops (Central Station) and tram stops (Centrum).

Our Office is located in a building accessible to disabled persons. You can access the building directly from Aleje Jerozolimskie street, there are elevators in the building and there are no steps between the entrance to the building and the elevator. There is also a bank (with ATM machine) as well as a café located in the building. Our Office will provide you with comprehensive information as regards the documents and data required for the performance of notarial acts, amount of notary’s fee as well as the amount of taxes and fees, which the notary is obligated to collect. For this purpose you can contact our Office in the manner which is most convenient for you: either in person, by telephone or via e-mail.

It is a role of a notary to prevent court litigation by ensuring the predictability and safety of trading, as in the course of his/her notary’s activities, notary is obligated to ensure the proper securing of rights and just interests of the parties as well as other persons with respect to whom the action may give rise to legal consequences. Notary is obligated to deal with matters presented by the clients conscientiously, swiftly and in accordance with the applicable provisions of law and to provide them with comprehensive information related to the performed activities. Activities of notaries are regulated by a number of laws, including primarily by the act of 14 February 1991 Law on Notaries.

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